Our Commercial Services

Tenant Representation

Finding the ideal office or retail location is a multifaceted endeavor. We can help you determining whether or not the space you currently occupy is serving your near- or long-term needs requires big-picture of details. At R New York, we strive to understand your business and financial goals so we can narrow the field to just those properties that will position you to greatest advantage in order to achieve your objectives more easily. Using our expert knowledge of local market conditions coupled with a deep understanding of your business we help you locate the property you need to meet your requirements both physically, and financially. We stay involved from beginning to end, allowing you to stay focused on your business. The right facility or office should fully support your business objectives. At R New York, we understand the vital importance of your workspace: what it means to your brand, your people and the work you do.

Choose a smart and effective tenant leasing service, that focuses on:

Intelligent locations – A good lease is about more than securing the most space for the lowest price, location matters too – we consider all options to ensure your space aligns with business goals.

Flexible leases – With an uncertain future it’s important your lease provides flexibility. We broker the best deal to ensure your lease supports the present and future success of your business.

Integrity – We do not place a landlord’s interest above yours. We do not make recommendations unless they are the best fit for you needs.

Communication – You’ll be able to speak to us when you need to. With regular updates, timely reporting and 24/7 accessibility, we keep you informed at every stage of the process.

Attention to detail – We focus relentlessly on the details, aiming to make every single transaction and every single communication both efficient and effective.

Our real estate professionals will provide you with expert guidance regarding the following property types:

  • Office
  • Medical
  • Distribution
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Warehouse
  • Specialty/Religious/Education

Landlord Representation

At R New York, our mission is to help each client achieve their real estate investment goals. Our leasing agents develop optimal positioning, pricing and marketing strategies for each property we represent. We constantly achieve higher rents, faster lease up at better terms.

R New York’s culture of information sharing among its agents and the brokerage community results in the broadest possible exposure for each property. We are able to truly “make a market” for each property we represent. While experience and knowledge of a market create value in the representation of a client, the quality of exposure to the marketplace determines the final outcome. With over 700 agents, our marketing system ensures that each listing will be presented to an expanded marketplace, creating the broadest buyer interest and maximizing value for our clients.

Expert Positioning

In order to maximize results, R New York positions each of your properties individually. Our agents conduct detailed market surveys and analysis, which provides an accurate picture of the local market, possible tenants, and potential future strategies. This in-depth understanding of your property enables us to improve the positioning of your assets and increase the value of your property. Through advertising and direct marketing, our leasing team will create an environment in which tenants compete for each available space.

Our Services

  • Property Assessment and Tenant Retention
  • Prospective tenant analysis and canvassing programs
  • Letters of intent and comprehensive lease negotiation
  • Client reporting on activity, market intelligence, trends, and more
  • Marketing and Repositioning Strategy
  • Financial Analysis
  • Property Management and Construction Supervision

Sales & Acquisitions

When it comes to selling property, R New York has a single goal: to sell your property at the highest possible price to the best possible buyer in the shortest amount of time. Our confidence in our ability to deliver is based on our extensive and powerful marketing platform.

Repositioning Assets
As soon as you want to sell commercial real estate, we analyze and underwrite the property. We work with you to maximize the value of your property by repositioning the asset prior to the sale. Together with our leasing team and their specialized market knowledge, we build value into your property before we market the deal.

Discovering Underlying Value
We collaborate with you closely to combine first-hand knowledge of the property with our expertise in the local marketplace. This allows us to discover any underlying hidden value that might otherwise have been overlooked.

Innovative Marketing Techniques
In order to secure the best price for your property, we use a diverse suite of innovative marketing techniques that create maximum exposure for your asset. Our unique approach of marketing directly to qualified buyers, utilizing both online and in-print marketing tools. Brochures and postcards e-mailed to databases of qualified buyers and a 1031 exchange buyers database that we have organically collected our tremendous reach of 700 agents

Making it Personal
With our intimate knowledge of every listed property, we develop specialized and customized marketing strategies that effectively target the most promising potential buyers. Once our marketing efforts generate interest, we continue to secure for you the best possible deal by creating a competitive bidding scenario among interested parties.

R New York has represented buyers and sellers across all asset classes, including multifamily, retail, and office. E-mail Ephraim Setton, to schedule a consultation and help you achieve your goals.

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